This thesis project advocates for the use of new technologies aesthetically, rather than for purely functional applications.

            Technology has always impacted the practice of fashion design. From materials to new manufacturing processes of the industrial age, advancements in technological possibility have driven forward our understanding of the aesthetics, style, and functionality of garments and accessories. Current emergent technologies have been changing our understanding of fashion, yet most fashion designers do not integrate these new tools into their design process. This thesis project highlights ways of applying new digital methods to fashion from the perspective of fashion design. Technology Undressed is a series of identical muslin dresses, each one implementing a different technique in order to create functional or decorative elements within the garment, or as a surface treatment. Each work in the series reveals the use of traditional sewing techniques along some of the newest technology to create a visual reference for an emerging, trans-disciplinary area of practice, which combines fashion, interaction design, computational design, electronics, and digital fabrication.