Tools of The Trade is a series of prototypes reinterpreting traditional tools used in the fashion design industry.

The concept for the first prototype consists of creating the prototype for an object resembling a vintage iron, which appropriates functions different from its original use. An iron presses fabric flat and removes wrinkles, while this prototype takes on the role of drawing on the fabric. This item becomes dysfunctional in terms of performing its original appropriated function, but it also takes on a new role of creating a new and unexpected piece of art or fabric design. Instead of being pressed the fabric is being drawn on. This new function is meant to be driven by technology and the new process of drawing on the fabric made easy for the user. While the original vintage iron requires heavy physical effort, the new iron and its appropriated function is effortless and does not require even the user’s touch. A proximity sensor detects presence and triggers activation of the iron. It moves away form the user and simultaneously draws on the surface it is placed on.

Download the full brief on this prototype (here)



With this prototype I aimed to develop a soft circuit tutorial introducing the basics of sewing with conductive thread, adding parallel LEDs, powered by a coin-cell battery encased in a Lilypad holder.
Download the full brief of this prototype (here)











This prototype introduces a brand new soft circuits sewing technique for hiding a battery in a hem, thus preserving the flexibility of the fabric and adding weight to hold down a garment hem.
Download the full brief of this prototype (here)






This soft circuits prototype demonstrates an example of concept inspired surface treatment with conductive thread and sewable LEDs.


This series of prototypes utilize couture sewing techniques of smocking and pleating to create soft circuits with hidden light up LEDs, powered by a coin-cell battery.